Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.472 - Mental Health

Rights concerning involuntary commitment.

1. Each client admitted for evaluation, treatment or training to a facility has the following rights concerning involuntary commitment to the facility, a list of which must be prominently posted in all facilities providing those services and must be otherwise brought to the attention of the client by such additional means as prescribed by regulation:

(a) To request and receive a second evaluation by a psychiatrist or psychologist who does not have a contractual relationship with or financial interest in the facility. The evaluation must:

(1) Include, without limitation, a recommendation of whether the client should be involuntarily committed to the facility; and

(2) Be paid for by the client if the insurance carrier of the client refuses to pay for the evaluation.

(b) To receive a copy of the procedure of the facility regarding involuntary commitment and treatment.

(c) To receive a list of his rights concerning involuntary commitment or treatment.

2. If the results of an evaluation conducted by a psychiatrist or psychologist pursuant to subsection 1 conflicts in any manner with the results of an evaluation conducted by the facility, the facility may request and receive a third evaluation of the client to resolve the conflicting portions of the previous evaluations.

Last modified: February 27, 2006