Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.534 - Mental Health

Denial of rights prohibited; exceptions; report; investigation and action by Commission; closure of meeting in certain circumstances.

1. The rights of a client enumerated in this chapter must not be denied except to protect the clientís health and safety or to protect the health and safety of others, or both. Any denial of those rights in any facility must be entered in the clientís record of treatment, and notice of the denial must be forwarded to the administrative officer of the facility. Failure to report denial of rights by an employee may be grounds for dismissal.

2. If the administrative officer of a facility receives notice of a denial of rights as provided in subsection 1, he shall cause a full report to be prepared which must set forth in detail the factual circumstances surrounding the denial. Such a report is confidential and must not be disclosed. A copy of the report must be sent to the Commission.

3. The Commission:

(a) Shall receive reports of and may investigate apparent violations of the rights guaranteed by this chapter;

(b) May act to resolve disputes relating to apparent violations;

(c) May act on behalf of clients to obtain remedies for any apparent violations; and

(d) Shall otherwise endeavor to safeguard the rights guaranteed by this chapter.

4. Pursuant to NRS 241.030, the Commission may close any portion of a meeting in which it considers the character, alleged misconduct or professional competence of a person in relation to:

(a) The denial of the rights of a client; or

(b) The care and treatment of a client.

 The provisions of this subsection do not require a meeting of the Commission to be closed to the public.

Last modified: February 27, 2006