Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.539 - Mental Health

Personal deposit funds for clients.

1. There may be maintained as a trust fund at each division facility a clients’ personal deposit fund.

2. Money coming into the possession of the administrative officer of a division facility which belongs to a client must be credited in the fund in the name of that client.

3. When practicable, individual credits in the fund must not exceed the sum of $300.

4. Any amounts to the credit of a client may be used for purchasing personal necessities, for expenses of burial or may be turned over to the client upon his demand, except that when the client is adjudicated mentally incompetent the guardian of his estate has the right to demand and receive the money.

5. An amount accepted for the benefit of a client for a special purpose must be reserved for that purpose regardless of the total amount to the credit of the client.

6. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 7, the administrative officers shall deposit any money received for the funds of their respective facilities in commercial accounts with one or more banks or credit unions of reputable standing. When deposits in a commercial account exceed $15,000, the administrative officer may deposit the excess in a savings account paying interest in any reputable commercial bank, or in any credit union or savings and loan association within this state that is federally insured or insured by a private insurer approved pursuant to NRS 678.755. The savings account must be in the name of the fund. Interest paid on deposits in the savings account may be used for recreational purposes at the division facility.

7. The administrative officers may maintain at their respective division facilities petty cash of not more than $400 of the money in the clients’ personal deposit fund to enable clients to withdraw small sums from their accounts.

Last modified: February 27, 2006