Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.5506 - Mental Health

Facility required to develop program of education in positive behavioral interventions and supports; facility required to train certain members of staff to use physical, mechanical and chemical restraint.

1. Each facility shall develop a program of education for the members of the staff of the facility to provide instruction in positive behavioral interventions and positive behavioral supports that:

(a) Includes positive methods to modify the environment of clients to promote adaptive behavior and reduce the occurrence of inappropriate behavior;

(b) Includes methods to teach skills to clients so that clients can replace inappropriate behavior with adaptive behavior;

(c) Includes methods to enhance a client’s independence and quality of life;

(d) Includes the use of the least intrusive methods to respond to and reinforce the behavior of clients; and

(e) Offers a process for designing interventions based upon the client that are focused on promoting appropriate changes in behavior as well as enhancing the overall quality of life for the client.

2. Each facility shall provide appropriate training for the members of the staff of the facility who are authorized to carry out and monitor physical restraint, mechanical restraint and chemical restraint to ensure that those members of the staff are competent and qualified to carry out the procedures in accordance with NRS 433.545 to 433.551, inclusive.

Last modified: February 27, 2006