Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433.551 - Mental Health

Facility required to report violations to Division and to develop corrective plan; Division required to forward corrective plan to Director of Department; power of Department to withhold funding.

1. A facility where a violation of the provisions of NRS 433.545 to 433.551, inclusive, occurs shall:

(a) Not later than 24 hours after a violation occurs, or as soon thereafter as the violation is discovered, report the violation to the Division; and

(b) Develop, in cooperation with the Division, a corrective plan to ensure that within 30 calendar days after the violation occurred, appropriate action is taken by the facility to prevent future violations.

2. The Division shall forward the plan to the Director of the Department. The Director or his designee shall review the plan to ensure that it complies with applicable federal law and the statutes and regulations of this state. The Director or his designee may require appropriate revision of the plan to ensure compliance.

3. If the facility where the violation occurred does not meet the requirements of the plan to the satisfaction of the Director or his designee, the Department may withhold funding for the facility until the facility meets the requirements of the plan.

Last modified: February 27, 2006