Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.110 - Mental Health

Canteen for facility of Division: Establishment and operation.

1. The administrative officer of a division mental health facility which provides treatment for inpatients may cause to be established a canteen operated for the benefit of clients and employees of the facility. So far as practical within good business practices, the prices of commodities sold must approximate costs. The administrative officer shall cause to be kept a record of transactions in the operation of the canteen.

2. The Administrator may designate money from budgeted resources in appropriate amounts to each such facility for the establishment and operation of canteens. The money must be used to supplement the financial operation of the canteens, if required, to provide money for needy clients’ canteen privileges, and to provide for such other expenditures benefiting the clients of such division facilities as the respective administrative officers may deem necessary. All proceeds of sale collected must be deposited with the State Treasurer for credit to the appropriate operating account of the mental health facility. The operating account must separately identify in the record of transactions the proceeds of sale collected, the amount of budgeted resources used, and the total amount expended for the operations of the canteen. All proceeds of sale collected must be used for the operation of the canteen. Proceeds of sale collected which exceed the amount necessary to maintain the operation of the canteens must be used to benefit the clients.

3. An appropriate sum may be maintained as petty cash at each canteen.

4. The respective administrative officers may cause to be appointed such staff as are necessary for the proper operation of the canteens.

Last modified: February 27, 2006