Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.140 - Mental Health

Voluntary admission: Procedures for admission and release; effect of voluntary release.

1. Any person may apply to:

(a) A public or private mental health facility in the State of Nevada for admission to the facility; or

(b) A division facility to receive care, treatment or training provided by the Division,

as a voluntary client for the purposes of observation, diagnosis, care and treatment. In the case of a person who has not attained the age of majority, application for voluntary admission or care, treatment or training may be made on his behalf by his spouse, parent or legal guardian.

2. If the application is for admission to a division facility, or for care, treatment or training provided by the Division, the applicant must be admitted or provided such services as a voluntary client if an examination by personnel of the facility qualified to make such a determination reveals that the person needs and may benefit from services offered by the mental health facility.

3. Any person admitted to a public or private mental health facility as a voluntary client must be released immediately after the filing of a written request for release with the responsible physician or his designee within the normal working day, unless, within 24 hours after the request, the facility changes the status of the person to an emergency admission pursuant to NRS 433A.145. When a person is released pursuant to this subsection, the facility and its agents and employees are not liable for any debts or contractual obligations, medical or otherwise, incurred or damages caused by the actions of the person.

4. Any person admitted to a public or private mental health facility as a voluntary client who has not requested release may nonetheless be released by the medical director of the facility when examining personnel at the facility determine that the client has recovered or has improved to such an extent that he is not considered a danger to himself or others and that the services of that facility are no longer beneficial to him or advisable.

5. A person who requests care, treatment or training from the Division pursuant to this section must be evaluated by the personnel of the Division to determine whether he is eligible for the services offered by the Division. The evaluation must be conducted:

(a) Within 72 hours if the person has requested inpatient services; or

(b) Within 72 regular operating hours, excluding weekends and holidays, if the person has requested community-based or outpatient services.

6. This section does not preclude a public facility from making decisions, policies, procedures and practices within the limits of the money made available to the facility.

Last modified: February 27, 2006