Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.145 - Mental Health

Restrictions on change of status from voluntary client to emergency admission.

1. If a mentally ill person is admitted to a public or private mental health facility or hospital as a voluntary client, the facility or hospital shall not change the status of the person to an emergency admission unless the hospital or facility receives, before the change in status is made, an application for an emergency admission pursuant to NRS 433A.160 and the certificate of a psychiatrist, psychologist or physician pursuant to NRS 433A.170.

2. A person whose status is changed pursuant to subsection 1 must not be detained in excess of 48 hours after the change in status is made, unless within that period a written petition is filed with the clerk of the district court pursuant to NRS 433A.200.

3. If the period specified in subsection 2 expires on a day on which the office of the clerk of the district court is not open, the written petition must be filed on or before the close of the business day next following the expiration of that period.

Last modified: February 27, 2006