Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.370 - Mental Health

Escape or absence without leave.

1. When a client committed by a court to a division facility on or before June 30, 1975, or a client who is judicially admitted on or after July 1, 1975, or a person who is involuntarily detained pursuant to NRS 433A.145 to 433A.300, inclusive, escapes from any division facility, or when a judicially admitted client has not returned to a division facility from conditional release after the administrative officer of the facility has ordered him to do so, any peace officer shall, upon written request of the administrative officer or his designee and without the necessity of a warrant or court order, apprehend, take into custody and deliver the person to such division facility or another state facility.

2. Any person appointed or designated by the Director of the Department to take into custody and transport to a division facility persons who have escaped or failed to return as described in subsection 1 may participate in the apprehension and delivery of any such person, but may not take the person into custody without a warrant.

Last modified: February 27, 2006