Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.600 - Mental Health

Charges to nonindigent client and responsible relative; recovery by civil action; disposition of receipts.

1. A person who is admitted to a facility operated by the Division and not determined to be indigent and every responsible relative pursuant to NRS 433A.610 of the person shall be charged for the cost of treatment and is liable for that cost. If after demand is made for payment the person or his responsible relative fails to pay that cost, the administrative officer may recover the amount due by civil action.

2. All sums received by the administrative officer of a facility operated by the Division pursuant to subsection 1 must be deposited in the State Treasury and may be expended by the Division for the support of that facility in accordance with the allotment, transfer, work program and budget provisions of NRS 353.150 to 353.245, inclusive.

Last modified: February 27, 2006