Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433A.680 - Mental Health

Payment of costs of medical services rendered by person not on staff of facility of Division. The expense of diagnostic, medical and surgical services furnished to a client admitted to a division facility by a person not on the staff of the facility, whether rendered while the client is in a general hospital, an outpatient of a general hospital or treated outside any hospital, must be paid by the client, the guardian or relatives responsible pursuant to NRS 433A.610 for his care. In the case of an indigent client or a client whose estate is inadequate to pay the expenses, the expenses must be charged to the county from which the admission to the division facility was made, if the client had, before admission, been a resident of that county. The expense of such diagnostic, medical and surgical services must not in any case be a charge against or paid by the State of Nevada, except when in the opinion of the administrative officer of the division mental health facility to which the client is admitted payment should be made for nonresident indigent clients and money is authorized pursuant to NRS 433.374 or 433B.230 and the money is authorized in approved budgets.

Last modified: February 27, 2006