Nevada Revised Statutes Section 433B.300 - Mental Health

Emotionally disturbed children: Requirements for treatment provided. The treatment provided an emotionally disturbed child must be designed to facilitate the adjustment and effective functioning of that child in his present or anticipated situation in life, and includes:

1. Services provided without admission to a facility, such as:

(a) Counseling for the family;

(b) Therapy in a group for parents and children;

(c) Classes for parents in effective techniques for the management of children;

(d) Individual therapy for children; and

(e) Evaluation of the child, including personal assessments and studies of individual social environments;

2. Services for the care of children during the day, involving educational programs and therapy programs provided after school or for half a day;

3. Placement in transitional homes operated by professionally trained parents working in close consultation with the administrative officer and his staff; and

4. Short-term residential services providing 24-hour supervision, evaluation and planning and intensive counseling for the family, therapy and educational evaluation and consultation.

Last modified: February 27, 2006