Nevada Revised Statutes Section 435.125 - Mental Health

Involuntary admission: Examination or evaluation of person alleged to be mentally retarded or to have related condition.

1. After the petition is filed, the court may cause a physician or licensed psychologist promptly to examine the person who is the subject of the petition or request an evaluation from the mental retardation center to which it is proposed the person be admitted. Any physician or licensed psychologist requested by the court to conduct such an examination must be experienced in the diagnosis of mental retardation and related conditions. The examination or evaluation must indicate whether the person is or is not mentally retarded or a person with a related condition and whether he is or is not in need of institutional training and treatment.

2. The court may allow the person alleged to be mentally retarded or to have a related condition to remain at his place of residence pending any ordered examination and to return upon completion of the examination. One or more of the personís relatives or friends may accompany him to the place of examination.

Last modified: February 27, 2006