Nevada Revised Statutes Section 435.127 - Mental Health

Involuntary admission: Evidence; right of person alleged to be mentally retarded or to have related condition to be present, testify and present evidence. In proceedings for involuntary admission of a person to a mental retardation center:

1. The court shall hear and consider all relevant evidence, including the certificate, signed by a physician or licensed psychologist, which accompanied the petition and the testimony of persons who conducted examinations or evaluations ordered by the court after the petition was filed.

2. The person must be present and has the right to testify, unless the physician or licensed psychologist who signed the certificate, or who examined the person as ordered by the court, is present and testifies that the person is so severely disabled that he is unable to be present.

3. The person may obtain independent evaluation and expert opinion at his own expense, and may summon other witnesses.

Last modified: February 27, 2006