Nevada Revised Statutes Section 435.240 - Mental Health

Application for certificate of qualification: Review; notice of rejection; appeal; limitations.

1. All applications for a certificate of qualification which have been approved by the Administrator must be reviewed by the Commission for approval or rejection.

2. If an application is rejected by the Administrator, he shall notify the applicant in writing of the rejection, setting out the reasons therefor.

3. Within 30 days after the Administrator mails the notice of rejection of the application, the applicant may appeal the rejection to the Commission. The Commission shall review the application and the reasons for its denial and may receive evidence, documentary or testimonial, to aid it in its decision. Thereafter, the Commission shall issue its decision rejecting the application or remanding the application to the Administrator for approval. The decision of the Commission is final.

4. No new applicants may be certified if the certification brings the average support per enrollee below the amount specified in the budget for the community training center account as approved by the most recent session of the Legislature for those centers that are already certified.

Last modified: February 27, 2006