Nevada Revised Statutes Section 436.240 - Mental Health

Services included in county program.

1. A service operated within a county program must be directed to at least one of the following mental health areas:

(a) Mental illness;

(b) Mental retardation and related conditions;

(c) Organic brain and other neurological impairment;

(d) Alcoholism; and

(e) Drug abuse.

2. A service is any of the following:

(a) Diagnostic service;

(b) Emergency service;

(c) Inpatient service;

(d) Outpatient or partial hospitalization service;

(e) Residential, sheltered or protective care service;

(f) Habilitation or rehabilitation service;

(g) Prevention, consultation, collaboration, education or information service; and

(h) Any other service approved by the Division.

Last modified: February 27, 2006