Nevada Revised Statutes Section 436.270 - Mental Health

Amount of reimbursement; disbursements through Division.

1. Money provided by direct legislative appropriation for purposes of reimbursement as provided by NRS 436.230 to 436.260, inclusive, must be allotted to the governing body as follows:

(a) The state shall pay to each county a sum equal to 90 percent of the total proposed expenditures as reflected by the plan of proposed expenditures submitted pursuant to NRS 436.250 if the county has complied with the provisions of paragraph (b).

(b) Before payment under this subsection, the governing body of a county must submit evidence to the Administrator that 10 percent of the total proposed expenditures have been raised and budgeted by the county for the establishment or maintenance of a county program.

2. All state and federal moneys appropriated or authorized for the promotion of mental health or for services to the mentally retarded and persons with related conditions in the State of Nevada must be disbursed through the Division in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and rules and regulations adopted in accordance therewith.

Last modified: February 27, 2006