Nevada Revised Statutes Section 436.320 - Mental Health

Nevada Conference of County Community Mental Health Programs: Establishment; organization; meetings; purposes.

1. There is hereby established the Nevada Conference of County Community Mental Health Programs. The Division shall take appropriate steps to effectuate the establishment of the Conference as provided in this section.

2. The voting membership of the Conference shall consist of the county director of each county program and one member of the county board of each county program to be chosen by such board. The nonvoting membership of the Conference shall consist of the Administrator and such other employees of the Division as the Administrator shall designate, but such employees shall be not less than two nor more than 15 in number.

3. A scheduled meeting of the Conference shall be convened at least once every 6 months. A nonscheduled meeting shall be convened upon the request of two-thirds of the voting membership. Meetings shall be called and chaired by the Administrator or his official designee.

4. The Conference may organize itself in such manner and adopt such procedures as it deems appropriate.

5. The purpose of the Conference is to serve as an organized forum for the discussion of the following matters:

(a) Recommendations for rules of the Division to implement this chapter as provided in NRS 436.125;

(b) Coordination and integration of county program services and state services; and

(c) Such other matters as members may bring before the Conference in connection with county programs or the relationship between county programs and the Division.

6. A resolution, proclamation, recommendation or similar pronouncement of the Conference does not have any legal effect.

Last modified: February 27, 2006