Nevada Revised Statutes Section 150.350 - Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Property not possessed by personal representative: Recovery from person in possession or interested in estate; court may direct payment; expenses.

1. If any property required to be included in the gross estate does not come into the possession of the personal representative, he shall recover from whoever is in possession, or from the persons interested in the estate, the proportionate amount of the tax payable by the persons interested in the estate with which the persons interested in the estate are chargeable. The court may direct the payment of that amount by those persons to the personal representative.

2. The provisions of subsection 1 also apply to persons in possession of or interested in real or personal property located in or subject to administration in another state and required to be included in the gross estate of a resident of this state, unless the other state refuses to enforce the apportionment, in which case apportionment may be made in accordance with the law which would be applied by the other state.

3. A person interested in the estate from whom apportionment is required under subsections 1 and 2 must also be charged with the amount of reasonable expenses, including the personal representative’s and attorney’s fees, in connection with the determination of the tax and the apportionment thereof. Those expenses must be determined and collected in like manner as the tax.

Last modified: February 25, 2006