Nevada Revised Statutes Section 153.090 - Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Declination of person designated trustee: Procedure.

1. A person named or designated as a trustee in a will may, at any time before distribution of any of the estate to him, decline to act as trustee, and an order of court must be entered accepting the resignation, but the declination of any person who has qualified as trustee may not be accepted by the court unless a petition to accept the declination is filed in the proceeding for administration of the estate. Upon the filing of the petition, the clerk shall set it for hearing and the petitioner shall give notice to all interested persons for the period and in the manner provided in NRS 155.010.

2. In accepting a declination, the court may enter and enforce any order which may be necessary for the preservation of the estate.

Last modified: February 25, 2006