Nevada Revised Statutes Section 156.180 - Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons

Distribution of property to heirs and devisees: Time; bond of distributee; conditions. No distribution of the property of the missing person to the heirs or devisees of the missing person may be made until the lapse of 1 year after the appointment and qualification of the executor or administrator, unless the distributee gives a bond in a penal sum not less than the value of the property distributed and for such additional amount as the court prescribes, conditioned for the return of the property or the value thereof to the personal representative of the estate in case the missing person be adjudicated to be still living since the commencement of the 3-year period, and also conditioned to save the personal representative of the estate harmless from the damages and expenses of all suits brought by the missing person or anyone succeeding to his rights, by reason of the distribution during the period of 1 year.

Last modified: February 25, 2006