New Jersey Revised Statutes § 1:1-2.2 - Surety; Sureties

1:1-2.2. Surety; sureties
When a bond, recognizance, guarantee or obligation is required or permitted to be given by any law, or by any charter, ordinance, rule or regulation of any county, municipality, school district, board, body, organization, court or public officer, with surety or sureties or security, including freehold security, for the performance of any act, duty or obligation or the refraining from the doing of any act, the same may be executed as surety or sureties by any company or corporation authorized to carry on the business specified in paragraph "g" of section 17:17-1 or authorized to transact such business in this state by section 17:32-1 of the title Corporations and Institutions for Finance and Insurance, with the operation and effect provided and prescribed by chapter 31 of said title (s. 17:31-1 et seq.).

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Last modified: October 11, 2016