New Jersey Revised Statutes § 15:11-8 - Power To Acquire Land By Condemnation

15:11-8. Power to acquire land by condemnation
When the board of trustees shall deem it desirable to acquire any lands as described in section 15:11-7 of this title, and cannot agree with the owners of the land as to price or terms of the purchase; or when by the incapacity or absence of the owners, or their inability to convey valid title; or when, for any other reason, said board cannot arrange for the purchase thereof, the said board, with the consent, expressed by resolution or ordinance of the governing body of the municipality, wherein the lands sought to be condemned are situate, after due notice to the property owners affected, may acquire such land by condemnation pursuant to chapter 1 of the title Eminent Domain (s. 20:1-1 et seq.). This section shall not authorize the condemnation of lands owned by a religious, charitable or educational society or corporation.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016