New Jersey Revised Statutes § 15:5-4 - Submission To Owners Of Propositions Of Overflow And Filling In

15:5-4. Submission to owners of propositions of overflow and filling in
The proposition to subject said lands to overflow by the tide, and to control the overflow, or to cause the lands to be filled in, may be submitted to the owners of these lands at any annual or special meeting of the meadow company, called by the managers thereof or by at least five of the owners of lands within the bounds of the company. If submitted at a special meeting, the meeting shall be called by notice in writing, signed by a majority of the managers, or by the five owners if called by them, and such notices in either instance shall be posted for a period of at least fifteen days at five or more public places in the township in which the lands or the greater part thereof lie, and a copy thereof shall be published for two weeks, once in each week, in a newspaper published in the county wherein the lands lie and circulating in the neighborhood.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016