New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:12b-205 - Certificate Of Transfer Of Assets; Resultant Liquidating Corporation

17:12B-205. Certificate of transfer of assets; resultant liquidating corporation
Whenever any assets of a State association are to be liquidated by the board of an association, as provided in section 204 of this act, the State association shall, within 10 days after the transfer of assets has been made, make a certificate which shall state:

(a) That such transfer of assets has been made.

(b) The name of the State association which made the transfer. The name by which the transferring association shall thereafter be known, which may be the same as that of the transferring association, with the addition of the words "liquidating corporation."

(c) The name of the association to which the assets were transferred.

(d) The address, including street and number, of the principal office of the transferring association and the name of the agent in charge thereof upon whom process may be served.

Such certificate, executed and acknowledged, or proved in the manner required for deeds to real property, shall be recorded in the office of the clerk of the county, in which the transferring association has its principal office, and a copy thereof shall be filed with the commissioner and thereupon the association shall become a liquidating corporation for the sole purpose of liquidating promptly and in an orderly manner, all its remaining assets and of distributing the proceeds thereof.

The board may act under the by-laws of the association except where they are inconsistent with the purposes of the corporation and otherwise the corporation and its directors shall have the powers and duties and be subject to the requirements of sections 207 through 212 of this act.

L.1963 c. 144, s. 205.

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