New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:12b-51 - Provisions Of Pension Plan

17:12B-51. Provisions of pension plan
Without limiting the generality of the type of pension plan or plans a State association may adopt, a pension plan adopted may provide for:

(a) a fund accumulated from income of the State association or set aside from the undivided profits account of the State association, out of which pension payments may be paid directly or which may be used in whole or in part for the purchase of annuity or insurance contracts, or both; and to which officers and employees may make contributions; or

(b) the purchase of group annuity or group insurance contracts, or both, the premiums upon which may be paid in full by the State association, or in part by the State association and in part by its officers and employees, as the board may from time to time determine; or

(c) a trust fund or funds accumulated or set aside and administered by trustees designated by the State association out of which pension payments may be paid directly or which may be used to purchase annuity or insurance contracts in whole or in part. A plan providing for such a trust fund or funds may also provide for the purchase of life insurance contracts providing death benefits for participants in the plan subject to the limitations of this act; or

(d) such other plan or plans as may be approved by the commissioner, subject to the limitations and conditions set forth in this act. Such plan or plans must provide that the total obligation or liability of the State association as to each participant:

(1) is stated in said plan, or is determinable from said plan,

(2) is fully funded at the commencement of said plan or plans, or is funded as it accrues, or

(3) is limited to the amount funded.

In the case of an insured association, that portion of the total obligation or liability of such association to each participant, which has not been fully funded, shall automatically terminate in the event of default as defined in Title IV of the National Housing Act.

L.1963, c. 144, s. 51.

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