New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:13-112 - Supervision And Examination By Commissioner; Exhibition Of Papers And Documents; Subpenas; Perjury

17:13-112. Supervision and examination by commissioner; exhibition of papers and documents; subpenas; perjury
a. Every credit union shall be subject to the supervision and examination of the commissioner. In lieu of making an examination of a credit union, the commissioner may accept the examination of a certified public accountant who has examined the records of the credit union and who files an opinion of his examination with the commissioner. If an examiner deems it advisable, he may verify the liabilities of the credit union to its members by an inspection and verification of their accounts. The commissioner shall promptly communicate the results of each examination to the president of the credit union examined, who shall present the report to the board at the next regular meeting or a special meeting if the commissioner so directs. The action taken by the board shall be communicated by the president to the commissioner within five days.

b. The officers, directors and employees of the credit union under examination shall exhibit its books, papers, records, documents, and securities to the commissioner or his representative and shall act to facilitate the examination. The commissioner or his representative may administer an oath to any person whose testimony is required on any examination and may compel by subpena the appearance of any person for the purpose of examination or for the production of books, papers, records, documents and securities. The subpena may be served by any police officer or constable of the municipality in which the person resides. If any person fails to obey the subpena, give testimony, answer questions or produce any books, papers, records, documents, securities or other things which may be required by the commissioner, the Superior Court may compel the person to do so.

c. A person who shall willfully testify falsely to a material matter upon an oath administered by the commissioner or his representative upon an investigation or inquiry, or in regard to a report made by the commissioner, shall be guilty of perjury.

L.1984, c. 171, s. 34, eff. Oct. 31, 1984.

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