New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:15c-9 - Investigation Of Applicants For Licensing, Renewal; Licensing Period.

17:15C-9 Investigation of applicants for licensing, renewal; licensing period.
9. a. Upon the filing of a complete application, in the case of an initial application, or the filing of a complete renewal application, the commissioner shall investigate the financial condition and responsibility, financial and business experience, character and general fitness of the applicant for an initial license or a renewal license. The commissioner may conduct an on-site investigation of the applicant for an initial license, the reasonable cost of which shall be borne by the applicant. If the commissioner finds that the applicant's business will be conducted honestly, fairly and in a manner commanding the confidence and trust of the community and that the applicant has fulfilled the requirements imposed by this act and has paid the required license fee, the commissioner shall issue a license to the applicant authorizing the applicant to engage in the licensed activities in this State. If these requirements have not been met, the commissioner shall deny the application in writing, setting forth the reasons for the denial.

b.The commissioner shall approve or deny every application for an initial license within 120 days from the date that the applicant has satisfied all requirements for licensure.

c.The license period of not less than two years shall be set by the commissioner by rule or regulation. A license shall run from the date of issuance to the end of the licensing period.

d.Licenses shall not be transferable or assignable.

e.The licensee shall register locations in the State.

f.Within 45 days after the end of each calendar quarter, each licensee shall file with the commissioner in writing a list of all locations within the State that have been added or terminated by the licensee, if any. The list shall include the name and business address of each location.

g.If the licensed name or licensed business address is changed, the licensee shall notify the commissioner in writing of the change within 10 days.

L.1998,c.14,s.9; amended 2007, c.81, s.16.

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