New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16a-12 - Surrender Values Under Investment Contracts

17:16A-12. Surrender values under investment contracts
Every investment contract issued or delivered in this State to any resident of this State by any investment company, providing for payments, dues or deposits by the holder to the company on an installment plan over a period of years, shall contain a provision that after the payment by the holder of the contract of all deposits, payments, dues or assessments due thereon for at least one year, and after such contract shall have been maintained in force by such payments for the period for which the same have been made, the holder thereof shall be entitled to a surrender value payable in cash or its equivalent. The surrender value shall, if so required by the commissioner, be equal to the amount of the net value of the contract, as defined in section eleven of this chapter, less such reasonable surrender charge or charges as may be imposed thereon by the company subject to the right of the commissioner to approve or disapprove the same. If an investment contract filed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall contain a provision which stipulates the amounts of the surrender values available to the holder, at intervals not greater than the period covered by one year's payment or payments by the holder under the terms of the contract, during its entire duration prior to maturity, the surrender charge as determined thereby shall be deemed to have been imposed with the consent of the commissioner, and such surrender values are hereby authorized with respect to all such investment contracts legally issued prior to any disapproval of the form of such contract by the commissioner pursuant to this chapter.

L.1938, c. 322, p. 825, s. 12.

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