New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16c-27 - Separate Items To Be Set Forth In Retail Installment Contract

17:16C-27. Separate items to be set forth in retail installment contract
Every retail installment contract shall set forth the following separate items:

(a) The cash price of the goods which are the subject matter of the retail installment contract;

(b) The down payment made by the retail buyer, indicating whether made in cash or in goods or partly in cash and partly in goods. The amount of the payment in cash and in goods shall be shown separately. A description of the goods, if any, sufficient for identification, shall be shown;

(c) The unpaid cash balance which shall be the difference between the cash price (subsection (a)) and the down payment (subsection (b));

(d) The amount, if any, if a separate charge is made therefor, included for insurance and other benefits, specifying the coverages and benefits;

(e) The amount of official fees;

(f) The principal balance, which is the sum of subsections (c), (d) and (e);

(g) The amount of the time price differential;

(h) The time balance, which is the sum of subsections (f) and (g), owed by the retail buyer to the retail seller, the number of installments required, the amount of each installment expressed in dollars and the due date or period thereof;

(i) The time sales price, which is the sum of subsections (b) and (h).

L.1960, c. 40, p. 151, s. 27.

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