New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16c-63 - Home Repair Contracts; Form And Contents

17:16C-63. Home repair contracts; form and contents
Every home repair contract:

(a) Shall be in writing and contain the entire agreement between the owner and the home repair contractor;

(b) Shall state the names and addresses of all parties, the dates when executed by the parties and contain a description of the goods and services;

(c) Shall be completed in full without any blank spaces to be filled in after the contract is signed by the owner, except for serial number or identifying marks which are not available for the description of the goods at that time;

(d) Shall contain the following notice in 10-point bold type or larger, directly above the space provided for the signature of the owner:


Do not sign this contract in blank.

You are entitled to a copy of the contract at the time you sign.

Keep it to protect your legal rights.

Do not sign any completion certificate or agreement stating that you are satisfied with the entire project before this project is complete. Home repair contractors are prohibited by law from requesting or accepting a certificate of completion signed by the owner prior to the actual completion of the work to be performed under the home repair contract."

(e) Shall state that workmen's compensation and public liability insurance are carried by the home repair contractor and applicable to the work to be performed under the contract or if the home repair contractor is qualified as a self-insurer pursuant to Title 34; and

(f) If the home repair contractor is precluded from purchasing workmen's compensation under chapter 15 of Title 34 of the Revised Statutes, he shall state that he does not carry workmen's compensation insurance.

L.1960, c. 41, p. 165, s. 2. Amended by L.1968, c. 220, s. 3, eff. July 30, 1968; L.1975, c. 187, s. 1, eff. Aug. 16, 1975.

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