New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16m-5 - Approval Of Application Of State Association Not Satisfying Certain Requirements

17:16M-5. Approval of application of State association not satisfying certain requirements
The commissioner may approve the application of a State association which does not satisfy the capital maintenance requirements set forth in subsection c. of section 4 of this act or which is subject to an outstanding supervisory order, agreement or memorandum of understanding, as provided by subsection d. of section 4 of this act, relating only to its capital condition or which fails to meet both requirements, to convert to a savings bank when the following requirements, in addition to the requirements set forth in section 4 of this act other than the requirements set forth in subsections c. and d. of section 4 relating to the capital condition of the converting State association, have been met:

a. Simultaneous with the conversion to a savings bank, the converting State association shall merge with and into, or be acquired by a savings bank; and

b. The resulting savings bank immediately after the conversion and merger or acquisition will satisfy all capital maintenance requirements for savings banks set forth by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, any other federal regulator and the department.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016