New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16r-3 - Appointment Of Successor Fiduciary

17:16R-3.Appointment of successor fiduciary
3. a. If the Superior Court approves the application, it shall make an order appointing the applicant qualified fiduciary as successor fiduciary in respect to the fiduciary capacities and relationships set forth in the application, with the same powers and duties in respect to the fiduciary capacities and relationships as those possessed by the original fiduciary. After the order of substitution has been entered, every instrument executed or otherwise effected before or after the entry, which purports to appoint the original fiduciary to any fiduciary capacity or relationship for which a successor fiduciary has been appointed pursuant to this section, shall be deemed to constitute an appointment of the successor fiduciary. The original fiduciary, which has been succeeded by a successor fiduciary as provided in this section, may present an accounting, in which the successor fiduciary may join, of its administration of the fiduciary capacities or relationships to which the successor fiduciary has been appointed.

b. Written notice of the substitution shall be given to those persons or entities to whom the original fiduciary would have in due course provided periodic account statements at the address shown on the current account records. The notice may be included with the periodic account statements and in any event shall be mailed within 60 days of the date of the order approving the substitution. The notice shall include the name and telephone number of a person or persons representing the substitute fiduciary to whom questions regarding the substitution may be directed.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016