New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16w-2 - Definitions Regarding Records Retention

17:16W-2. Definitions regarding records retention
2.As used in this act:

"Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance.

"Date of the passbook" means the date of the last entry by the financial institution of a transaction with respect to the passbook account, or if the form of the passbook is such that it does not provide for entry of transactions, the last date for which the financial institution has a record of an account transaction. If there is no record of activity with respect to a passbook account subsequent to the issuance of the passbook, the date of issuance shall be the date of the passbook.

"Financial institution" means a State chartered bank, savings bank or savings and loan association.

"Owner" means the person or persons in whose name the account was opened.

"Passbook" means a document or record issued by a financial institution, which document or record represents an obligation of the financial institution, which obligation either has no fixed maturity or due date or which by its term is subject to automatic renewal or renewals for an indefinite time or indefinite number of times. Neither a periodic account statement nor any obligation for which applicable law provides a time by which the payment is due is a passbook for the purposes of this act.

"Passbook account" means an account which is evidenced by a passbook, certificate of deposit or similar document.

"Statement account" means an account which is not a passbook account and for which a financial institution supplies a periodic statement of the account's activity, balance or both, or supplies any other statement of the account as the owner and financial institution may agree.

"Termination of the loan account" means: (1) with respect to a closed-end loan, the date on which the loan is paid; or (2) with respect to an open-end loan, the date on which the outstanding balance on the account is brought to zero and the account is closed so that the borrower has no right to borrow additional funds under the loan agreement; or (3) the date upon which, pursuant to action or policy of the governing board of a financial institution or committee thereof, a loan is charged-off or the loan file is otherwise closed by the financial institution.

L.1999,c.257,s.2; amended 2001, c.169, s.1.

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