New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:16z-7 - Selection Of Bank As Depository Of Funds Of Municipality.

17:16Z-7 Selection of bank as depository of funds of municipality.

7. a. The governing body of a municipality in which a banking development district has been designated by the commissioner may, by resolution, select a bank in the district as a depository for funds of the municipality, provided the bank shall be subject to the requirements for a public depository established pursuant to P.L.1970, c.236 (C.17:9-41 et seq.). The resolution shall state the maximum amount which may be on deposit at any time with the bank and such other terms and conditions as are determined to be necessary by the governing body of the municipality.

b.Subject to an agreement between the governing body of the municipality and the bank, funds of the municipality deposited in the bank may earn a fixed rate of interest which is at or below the bank's posted rate for a mutually agreeable depository product, for a mutually agreeable term.

c.The selection of a bank, deposit amount, and the terms and conditions of a deposit may be changed at any time by the governing body of the municipality by further resolution.

L.2011, c.24, s.7.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016