New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:17c-5 - Approval Of Reorganization.

17:17C-5 Approval of reorganization.

5. a. Subject to the provisions of subsection b. of this section, the plan of reorganization shall be approved by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the votes of the mutual insurer's qualified voters voting thereon in person or by attorney or proxy, except in the case of a mutual insurer that holds its elections pursuant to N.J.S. 17B:18-18 to 17B:18-28, inclusive, in which case voting shall be in person or by ballot, at a meeting of policyholders called for that purpose. The meeting of policyholders shall occur after the hearing required pursuant to subsection e. of section 4 of this act. Pursuant to N.J.S. 17B:18-14 or subsection d. of N.J.S. 17B:18-26, as applicable, each qualified voter shall be entitled to cast only one vote, irrespective of the number or value of policies held, unless the mutual insurer's charter or bylaws provide otherwise. The commissioner shall have the power to supervise and direct and prescribe rules governing the procedure for the conduct of voting on the plan of reorganization to the extent, consistent with the provisions of this section, he deems necessary to insure a fair and accurate vote. These powers shall include, but not be limited to, power to examine, supervise and approve: (1) the determination of qualified voters entitled to notice of and to vote on the plan of reorganization; (2) the giving of notice of the policyholders' meeting; (3) the content of the proxy form or ballot; (4) the receipt, custody, safeguarding, verification and tabulation of proxy forms and ballots; and (5) the resolution of any disputes.

b.The number of qualified voters who vote on the plan of reorganization shall equal or exceed, in the aggregate, (1) one million qualified voters, or (2) that lesser number of qualified voters as the commissioner shall approve.

c.All qualified voters shall be given notice of their opportunity to vote on the plan of reorganization, which notice shall be in a form approved by the commissioner and accompanied by a copy of the plan of reorganization or a summary thereof which shall also be in a form approved by the commissioner, and any other explanatory information that the commissioner approves or requires. The notice shall be mailed, or provided by some other method or methods as may be approved by the commissioner, not less than 45 days before the date of the meeting of policyholders to vote on the plan of reorganization. The notice may be combined with the notice of the hearing described in subsection d. of section 4 of this act.

d.The mutual insurer shall use good faith efforts to encourage qualified voters to vote on the plan of reorganization. These efforts shall be specified in the plan of reorganization and may include, but need not be limited to, establishing a toll-free call center, establishing an Internet site, adding messages to routine policy statements, providing written communications to qualified voters, and advertising in national publications.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016