New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:22-6.43 - Eligibility For Export Of Insurance Coverage; Conditions

17:22-6.43. Eligibility for export of insurance coverage; conditions
9.No insurance coverage shall be eligible for export unless it meets all of the following conditions:

(a)The insurance coverage required must not be procurable, after a diligent effort has been made to do so, from among the insurers authorized to transact that kind and class of insurance in this State, and the insurance coverage exported shall be only that coverage not so procurable from authorized insurers, provided, however, that associated commercial general liability and commercial property coverages may be exported along with such unprocurable coverage; and

(b)The premium rate at which the coverage is exported shall not be lower than the lowest rate which has been filed by or on behalf of any authorized insurer, provided, however, that any reduction in coverage or limits as compared to policies filed by authorized insurers may be exported at a commensurate reduction in premium rate.

(c)(Deleted by amendment, P.L.2003, c.179.)

Except, that the commissioner shall by rules and regulations declare eligible for export generally and notwithstanding the provisions of subsections (a)and (b) above, any class or classes of insurance coverage or risk for which he finds, after a hearing, which he shall hold annually or more often, of which notice thereof was given to each insurer authorized to transact such class or classes in this State, that there is no reasonable or adequate market among authorized insurers. The notice of such hearing shall provide interested parties with the opportunity to present relevant information at the hearing for the commissioner's consideration. Any such rules and regulations shall continue in effect during the existence of the conditions upon which predicated, but subject to earlier termination by the commissioner. The commissioner shall notify all surplus lines agents of such termination.

L.1960,c.32,s.9;amended 1996, c.69, s.3; 2003, c.179, s.2.

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