New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:22-6.62 - Revocation For Failure To File Report Or Pay Taxes; Procedure; Review

17:22-6.62. Revocation for failure to file report or pay taxes; procedure; review
If any licensed surplus lines agent fails to file the quarterly report required or pay the taxes as required of him under this surplus lines law, the commissioner shall issue an order directed to the licensee requiring the licensee to file such report and pay such tax or to show cause by a day certain to be named therein why the commissioner should not revoke his license. The notice shall provide a return day not sooner than 30 days subsequent to its issuance and shall be served upon the licensee by registered mail at his business post-office address.

The licensee may, not less than 10 days prior to such return day, file his response in writing with the commissioner showing cause why he has not paid such tax, but the only defenses available to the licensee with respect thereto shall be that the commissioner is requiring the payment of a tax greater than that due from the licensee, and such defense will be available only if the licensee shall have filed return purporting to show the tax payable by the licensee, and shall have tendered the amount of tax computed by the licensee to be due.

If on the return day the licensee has not filed such return and paid the tax and has not filed any such defense and made such tender, the commissioner shall revoke the licenses of the licensee.

If the licensee files such defense to the order and makes such tender within the time required, on the return day the commissioner shall hold a hearing with respect to such matters and if the commissioner determines after such hearing that the licensee has failed to pay the tax required, and the licensee does not within 5 days thereafter pay such tax, the commissioner shall enter his order revoking the licenses of such licensee.

The revocation of a license by the commissioner under this section shall be subject to review in the Superior Court by a proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ.

L.1960, c.32, p. 122, s.28.

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