New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:22e-21 - Violations; Penalties

17:22E-21. Violations; penalties
21. a. If the commissioner finds, after notice and opportunity for a hearing, that a reinsurance intermediary, insurer or reinsurer is in violation of any provision of this act, the commissioner may refuse to issue or renew its license, or may revoke or suspend its license.

b. In addition or as an alternative to any other penalty, the commissioner may:

(1) Impose a penalty of not more than $5,000 for a first violation, and not more than $10,000 for each subsequent violation, and in appropriate circumstances order restitution of moneys owed to any person and reimbursement of the costs of investigation and prosecution;

(2) If a violation was committed by the reinsurance intermediary, order the restitution to the insurer, reinsurer or rehabilitator or liquidator of the insurer or reinsurer for the net losses incurred by the insurer or reinsurer attributable to such violation.

c. If the commissioner finds that the interests of the public require that immediate action be taken prior to completion of the hearing, the making of a determination and the entry of a final order, he may enter an appropriate order to be effective pending completion of the hearing and entry of a final order. These orders may be entered on ex parte proofs if the proofs indicate that the commissioner's withholding of any action until completion of a full hearing will be harmful to the public interest. Orders issued pursuant to this subsection shall be subject to an application to vacate upon 10 days' notice, and a preliminary hearing on the ex parte order shall be held in any event within 20 days after it is entered. In the alternative, or in addition, the commissioner is authorized to institute a proceeding in the Superior Court, to be conducted in a summary manner, for an injunction against specified acts or conduct in aid of the proceedings pending before him, including temporary injunctions and interim restraints.

d. Nothing contained in this section shall affect the right of the commissioner to impose any other penalties provided by the laws of this State.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016