New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:23c-2 - Definitions Relative To Compliance Reviews Of Insurance Carriers

17:23C-2. Definitions relative to compliance reviews of insurance carriers
2.As used in this act:

"Department" means the Department of Banking and Insurance.

"Enforcement action" means a criminal investigation or prosecution, or an administrative proceeding, civil action or order by a governmental unit, agency or authority which is intended to ensure the safe and sound operation of an insurance carrier.

"Insurance carrier" means:

(1) Any corporation, association, partnership, reciprocal exchange, interinsurer, Lloyd's insurer, fraternal benefit society or other person engaged in the business of insurance pursuant to Subtitle 3 of Title 17 of the Revised Statutes (R.S.17:17-1 et seq.), or Subtitle 3 of Title 17B of the New Jersey Statutes (N.J.S.17B:17-1 et seq.);

(2) Any medical service corporation operating pursuant to P.L.1940, c.74 (C.17:48A-1 et seq.);

(3) Any hospital service corporation operating pursuant to P.L.1938, c.366 (C.17:48-1 et seq.);

(4) Any health service corporation operating pursuant to P.L.1985, c.236 (C.17:48E-1 et seq.);

(5) Any dental service corporation operating pursuant to P.L.1968, c.305 (C.17:48C-1 et seq.);

(6) Any dental plan organization operating pursuant to P.L.1979, c.478 (C.17:48D-1 et seq.);

(7) Any insurance plan operating pursuant to P.L.1970, c.215 (C.17:29D-1 et seq.);

(8) The New Jersey Insurance Underwriting Association operating pursuant to P.L.1968, c.129 (C.17:37A-1 et seq.);

(9) Any risk retention group or purchasing group operating pursuant to the "Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986," 15 U.S.C. ss. 3901 et seq.;

(10) Any health maintenance organization operating pursuant to P.L.1973, c.337 (C.26:2J-1 et seq.); and

(11) Any joint insurance fund operating pursuant to P.L.1983, c.108 (C.18A:18B-1 et seq.), P.L.1983, c.372 (C.40A:10-36 et seq.), P.L.1985, c.204 (C.18A:64A-25.33 et seq.) or P.L.1987, c.431 (C.17:49A-1 et seq.).

"Timely discloses" or "timely disclosure" means the voluntary disclosure of the findings of a voluntary compliance review to the department within 90 days of the completion of a voluntary compliance review report or the delivery of or access to a voluntary compliance review report within 20 days of a request by the department.

"Voluntary compliance review" means review, project, testing program, assessment, audit or evaluation instituted by an insurance carrier to collect information or prepare analyses, not required by statute, regulation, bulletin or order and which would otherwise not be collected, maintained or prepared, for the purposes of identifying and correcting problems of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

"Voluntary compliance review report" means any document or documents prepared or assembled by any person or group of persons, committee or entity conducting a voluntary compliance review, including without limitation, supporting information and documents such as notes, records of observations, findings, conclusions, drafts, memoranda, drawings, photographs, electronic or computerized mail, audio or video recordings or transcriptions or depictions of any type, stored computer data, including floppy or other disks, hard drives, printer memory, software or other data compilations from which information can be obtained, charts, graphs and surveys, provided, however, that the documents and supporting information are developed for the purpose of and in the course of a voluntary compliance review.


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