New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:25-5 - Affidavit Filed; Certificate Of Diligent Inquiry

17:25-5. Affidavit filed; certificate of diligent inquiry
The company shall file with the commissioner an affidavit by its president, secretary or treasurer, describing the unclaimed scrip or certificates as to the number of shares thereof, the amount contributed to the capital of the company as evidenced thereby, the length of time, not less than six years, during which interest or dividends have been declared or become due and payable thereon but have not been called for, the amount of the accumulations, together with a statement of the inquiry made for the name and address of the present owner thereof. The commissioner upon receipt of the affidavit, and any additional or supplemental affidavits which he may in his discretion require, and upon being satisfied that diligent inquiry has been made for the name and address of the present owner of the unclaimed scrip and interest or dividends thereon, shall issue a statement to the company certifying that in his judgment the company has made diligent inquiry for the name and residence of the owner.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016