New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:27-1 - Merger Of Two Or More Stock Corporations; Agreement Of Merger; Approval By Commissioner

17:27-1. Merger of two or more stock corporations; agreement of merger; approval by Commissioner
Any two or more stock insurance corporations of this State, carrying on the kinds of insurance which may lawfully be carried on by one company organized under chapters seventeen to thirty-three of this Title (Sec. 17:17-1 et seq.), may merge as follows:

They may merge or consolidate into one corporation under the name of one or more of such corporations or such other name as may be approved by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance. Such corporations may enter into and make an agreement of such merger or consolidation under their respective corporate seals, prescribing its terms and conditions, the amount of its capital and the number of shares into which such capital is to be divided. The agreement shall contain the charter under which the business is to be conducted, which may conform to the provisions of either one or more of the charters of the merging or consolidating corporations or to the provisions of the laws of this State governing corporations transacting the kinds of insurance specified in such charter, and which shall be the charter of the corporation resulting from the merger without further amendment. Every such proposed agreement shall before the execution thereof be presented to the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance for his approval as to form, and such agreement shall, after the execution thereof, have the approval of the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance thereto indorsed thereon.

Amended by L.1938, c. 259, p. 574, s. 1.

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