New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:29a-25 - Exceptions To Application Of Act; Investigations As To Classes Of Risks Exempted

17:29A-25. Exceptions to application of act; investigations as to classes of risks exempted
The provisions of this act shall not apply to any policy or contract of reinsurance, other than joint reinsurance to the extent stated in section two of this amendatory act; any policy of insurance against loss or damage to or legal liability in connection with property located outside this State, or any motor vehicle or aircraft principally garaged and used outside of this State, or any activity wholly carried on outside this State; insurance of vessels or craft, their cargoes, marine builder's risks, marine protection and indemnity, or other risks commonly insured under marine, as distinguished from inland marine, insurance policies, nor to such classes of inland marine insurance for which no class rates, rating plans or special rates are customarily fixed by a rating bureau or bureaus; accident, health, or life insurance; annuities; title insurance; mortgage guaranty insurance; or workmen's compensation and employer's liability insurance. The provisions of this act shall not apply to hospital service or medical service corporations, investment companies, mutual benefit associations, or fraternal beneficiary associations. The commissioner may from time to time make investigations with respect to classes of risks of the kinds of insurance herein exempted. The commissioner may call upon all authorized insurers and rating organizations rating such risks within this State to furnish such information relative thereto as he may deem necessary.

L.1944, c. 27, p. 82, s. 25. Amended by L.1947, c. 360, p. 1169, s. 1; L.1949, c. 162, p. 548, s. 1; L.1950, c. 309, p. 1048, s. 5.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016