New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:30b-8 - Joint Underwriting Association Fund; Assessment Of Members; Exemption From Fees And Taxes

17:30B-8. Joint underwriting association fund; assessment of members; exemption from fees and taxes
a. There shall be created within each association a fund to be known as the Joint Underwriting Association Fund for the purpose of providing the finances necessary for the plan of operation of the association. The fund shall also be used to reimburse the servicing carriers for all sums expended in fulfilling their obligations arising under the assumed policies, including all reasonable administrative costs. The funds shall be administered by the association with the approval of the commissioner.

b. For the purpose of obtaining the moneys necessary to meet the requirements of the fund, each association shall assess each member according to the plan of operation as approved by the commissioner.

c. Any insurer, which becomes authorized to write insurance after the effective date of this act and which would have been required to join an association created under the terms of this act if it had been authorized to write insurance at that time, shall become a member of the association immediately following such authorization. The determination of any such insurer's participation in the association shall be made according to the plan of operation as approved by the commissioner.

d. Upon termination of an association pursuant to section 14d of this act and after discharge and satisfaction of all liabilities then outstanding to claimants, policyholders, servicing carriers, and member insurers, all moneys and assets still remaining in the Joint Underwriting Association Fund shall be paid over by the association treasurer into the Guaranty Association.

e. Associations shall be exempt from payment of all fees and all taxes levied by this State or any of its subdivisions.

L.1974, c. 106, s. 8, eff. Sept. 19, 1974.

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