New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:30d-7 - Plan Of Operation; Review And Approval; Certification; Amendment.

17:30D-7 Plan of operation; review and approval; certification; amendment.
7. a. Within such a time as shall be prescribed by the commissioner in written notice to the board, the directors shall submit to the commissioner, for his review and approval, a proposed plan of operation. Such plan shall provide for the establishment of a permanent board of directors, the length of terms of the directors and the method of their selection, for economical, fair and nondiscriminatory administration and for the prompt and efficient provision of medical malpractice liability insurance throughout the State. Such proposed plan shall include: preliminary assessment of all members for initial expenses necessary to commence operations; establishment of necessary facilities; management of the association; assessment of members; underwriting standards; procedures for acceptance and session of reinsurance; and such other provisions as may be deemed necessary by the commissioner to carry out the purposes of this act. The plan of operation shall provide that the premium charged for reinsurance shall be the premium charged for the coverage and limits ceded less than expense allowances. The expense allowances shall consist of the amounts actually incurred by the provider on the ceded risk subject to a maximum of the total expense allowances provided in rate-making for the respective categories and subcategories of medical malpractice liability insurance in the latest rate revision or experience review for the provider accepted by the commissioner.

b.The proposed plan shall be reviewed by the commissioner and approved by him if he finds that such plan fulfills the purposes of this act. In his review of the proposed plan the commissioner may, in his discretion, consult with the directors and other members of the association and any other individual or organization. If the commissioner approves the proposed plan he shall certify such approval to the directors and said plan shall take effect 10 days after such certification. If the commissioner disapproves all or any part of the proposed plan of operation he shall return same to the directors with a statement, in writing, of the reasons for his disapproval and any recommendations he may wish to make. The directors may accept the commissioner's recommendations, or may propose a new plan, which accepted recommendations or a new plan shall be submitted to the commissioner within 30 days after the return of a disapproved plan to the directors. If the directors do not submit a proposed plan of operation within the time prescribed by the commissioner, or a new plan which is acceptable to the commissioner, or accept the recommendations of the commissioner within 30 days after the disapproval of a proposed plan, the commissioner shall promulgate a plan of operation and certify same to the directors. Any such plan promulgated by the commissioner shall take effect 10 days after certification to the directors.

c.The directors of the association may, on their own initiative, amend the plan of operation at any time, subject to the approval by the commissioner.

d.The commissioner may review the plan of operation whenever he deems expedient, and shall review same at least once a year, and may amend said plan after consultation with the directors and upon certification to the directors of such amendment.

L.1975,c.301,s.7; amended 1978,c.153,s.5.

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