New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:30e-9 - Qualified Applicants

17:30E-9. Qualified applicants
a. Any qualified applicant shall be entitled to apply to the association for insurance coverage available pursuant to section 27 of this act. Subject to procedures established in the plan of operation, producers shall have authority to issue binders to qualified applicants.

b. If the servicing carrier determines that the applicant is a qualified applicant, the carrier, as an agent of the association, upon receipt of the appropriate premium, or such portion thereof as is prescribed in the plan of operation, shall issue or cause to be issued a policy of automobile insurance which shall include coverages and limits requested by the applicant and available under section 27 of this act.

c. No licensed insurance producer selected by the association to sell association policies shall refuse to furnish to any applicant quotations of premiums for association automobile insurance or shall fail to submit the application of a qualified applicant to the association when requested to do so by a qualified applicant.

d. No company shall terminate any agent or restrict the authority of any agent, directly or indirectly, or in any manner whatsoever, solely by reason of the volume of such agent's business written on behalf of the association or the experience produced by such business.

e. The association shall accept applications for coverage 90 days after the plan of operation has been approved.

f. The board may suspend the binding authority of any producer who has violated any provision of the plan of operation. In no event shall any failure on the part of the producer to properly perform under the provisions of the plan of operation or any directive of the association prejudice the rights of a good faith applicant to coverage through the association.

L. 1983, c. 65, s. 21, eff. Jan. 1, 1983, operative Jan. 1, 1984. Amended by L. 1986, c. 211, s. 3, eff. Jan. 12, 1987.

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