New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:32-13 - Surrender Of Certificate Of Authority; Return Of Securities

17:32-13. Surrender of certificate of authority; return of securities
An insurance company of another state or foreign country authorize to transact the business of insuring against loss or damage on account neglect or breaches of duty or obligations guaranteed by the insurer, at any time surrender to the commissioner its certificate of authority and thereafter cease to engage in the business. The company shall thereupon be entitled to the release and return of its securities so deposited, in manner following:

The company shall file with the commissioner a statement in writing under oath, giving the date, name and amount of all its then existing obligations of suretyship or indemnity in this state, setting out the facts of each case. The commissioner after an examination of the facts, shall require the company to file with the comptroller a bond to the state, in the penalty of not less than twenty thousand nor more than fifty thousand dollars, executed by the company and two or more responsible freeholders of this state, or a company of this state, duly authorized to transact such business, conditioned for the prompt fulfillment by the company of all its said outstanding obligations of suretyship and indemnity, and stipulating that the makers of the bond may be joined as defendants in any action upon any of the said obligations of suretyship or indemnity of the company, and that if judgment in the action is rendered against the company it may at the same time be rendered and enforced against the makers of the bond, without further or other action against them. The bond shall stand for the security and benefit of all persons interested in the outstanding obligations of suretyship and indemnity. Upon approving and filing the bond the comptroller shall deliver the securities to the company.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016