New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:32-21 - Nonapplicability Of Act.

17:32-21 Nonapplicability of act.

6.The provisions of this act shall not be construed to apply to:

(a)The investigation, settlement or litigation of claims under any policy of insurance of any kind lawful when written in this State, or liquidation of the assets and liabilities of an insurer (other than the collection of new premiums) resulting from the operations of an insurer within this State which were lawful when conducted;

(b)Transactions involving any policy of insurance of any kind, subsequent to the issuance thereof, covering only subjects of insurance not resident, located or expressly to be performed in this State at the time of issuance, and lawfully solicited, written and delivered outside this State;

(c)The continuation and servicing of life insurance or accident or health insurance policies or annuity contracts remaining in force as to residents of this State when the insurer has withdrawn from this State and is not collecting new premiums within or from this State;

(d)The lawful transaction of contracts of reinsurance by insurers;

(e)Transactions involving group life insurance, group or blanket accident and health insurance, and group annuities where the master policy for such groups was lawfully issued and delivered in a state in which the insurer is duly admitted, and such policy conforms to the laws of the state in which it is delivered;

(f)Any life insurance company organized and operated without profit to any private shareholder or individual and exclusively for the purpose of aiding educational or scientific institutions organized and operated without profit to any private shareholder or individual, which issues residents of this State directly from its home office without agents, representatives or other field operations in this State, contracts of insurance and annuity contracts only to or for the benefit of such institutions and to individuals engaged in the service of such institutions; nor shall this subsection apply to any life, accident and health or annuity contracts issued by such life insurance company, provided that any such life insurance company shall: (1) furnish to the commissioner a copy of any policy or contract form issued to residents of this State; (2) furnish to the commissioner a copy of its annual statement prepared pursuant to the laws of the state of domicile of such life insurance company, as well as such other reports, documents and financial material as may be requested by the commissioner; and (3) designate the commissioner as its true and lawful attorney upon whom may be served all lawful process in any action or proceeding against such life insurance company arising under any contract of insurance or annuity contract it has issued to, or which is held by, a resident of this State and process so served against such life insurance company shall have the same force and validity as if served upon said life insurance company; and provided further that the commissioner may, if in his judgment the interest of the public so requires, promulgate regulations affecting the contracts, investments, or other aspects of the operations of companies covered by this subparagraph (f), which shall be not more restrictive than the laws and regulations applicable to admitted life insurance companies;

(g)Insurance of vessels, crafts or hulls, cargoes, marine builder risks, marine protection and indemnity or other risks including strike and war risks commonly insured under ocean or wet marine forms of policy;

(h)Any wholly-owned insurance subsidiary or captive established by New Jersey Transit Corporation pursuant to subsection r. of section 5 of P.L.1979, c.150 (C.27:25-5).

L.1968,c.234,s.6; amended 2004, c.1, s.2.

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