New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:33a-15 - Filing Of Plan For Prevention, Detection Of Fraudulent Health, Auto Insurance Claims

17:33A-15. Filing of plan for prevention, detection of fraudulent health, auto insurance claims

1. a. Every insurer writing health insurance or private passenger automobile insurance in this State shall file with the commissioner a plan for the prevention and detection of fraudulent insurance applications and claims. The plan shall be deemed approved by the commissioner if not affirmatively approved or disapproved by the commissioner within 90 days of the date of filing. The commissioner may call upon the expertise of the director in his review of plans filed pursuant to this subsection. The commissioner may request such amendments to the plan as he deems necessary. Any subsequent amendments to a plan filed with and approved by the commissioner shall be submitted for filing and deemed approved if not affirmatively approved or disapproved within 90 days from the filing date.

b. The implementation of plans filed and approved pursuant to subsection a. of this section shall be monitored by the division. The division shall promptly notify the Attorney General of any evidence of criminal activity encountered in the course of monitoring the implementation and execution of the plans. Each insurer writing health insurance or private passenger automobile insurance in this State shall report to the director on an annual basis, on January 1st of each year, on the experience in implementing its fraud prevention plan.

c. In addition to any other penalties provided pursuant to P.L.1983, c.320 (C.17:33A-1 et seq.), the commissioner may impose a penalty of up to $25,000 per violation on any insurer for: failure to submit a plan; failure to submit any amendments to an approved plan; failure to properly implement an approved plan in a reasonable manner and within a reasonable time period; failure to provide a report pursuant to subsection b. of this section; or for any other violation of the provisions of this section.

d. For the purposes of this section, "insurer" means an insurance company as defined in subsections a., b., c., d., e., and f. of section 3 of P.L.1983, c.320 (C.17:33A-3).

L.1993,c.362,s.1; amended 1997, c.151, s.8.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016