New Jersey Revised Statutes § 17:35-13 - Provisions Of Policies Or Certificates; Payment Of Loss

17:35-13. Provisions of policies or certificates; payment of loss
Every policy or certificate issued by a corporation doing business under this article, and promising payment to be made upon a contingency of death or physical debility, shall specify the sum of money which it promises to pay upon the contingency, and the number of days after satisfactory proof of the happening thereof on which the payment shall be made. Upon the occurrence of the contingency, unless the contract has been avoided by fraud, or by breach of its conditions, the corporation shall be obligated to the beneficiary for the payment at the time and to the maximum amount specified in the policy or certificate. If the commissioner is satisfied upon investigation that any corporation has refused or failed to make the payment for thirty days after it became due, and after proper demand, he shall notify the corporation not to issue any new policies or certificates until the indebtedness is fully paid. No officer or agent of the corporation shall make, sign or issue any policy or certificate of insurance while the notice is in force.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016